Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Name is Kerrie, and I am a Mascara Addict

This begins the first meeting of MLA ... Mascara Lovers Anonymous. While it is true we just want to be beautiful and bat our long eyelashes at our men (well, I only have ONE man, for the record), we have come to know that our mascara stash has become unmanageable. This is a photo of my stash.

If you love learning about beauty products, you're going to love my Kerrie's Favorite Beauty Products post here!

Now, please let me explain and give you the brands so you know what to rush out and buy, fellow mascara addicts. 

I got Sexy Curves by Rimmell at the advice of Jordan. It is a good base, but doesn't add volume. 

Lacura is Aldi brand. It was cheap, so I wanted to try it. Not bad for a budget buy!

Colossal by Maybelline is OK paired with others. 

Lash Blast Fusion is just OK and it's by Cover Girl. 

Voluminous is my very very favorite, and it's by L'Oreal. I've used it forever, and it gives magnificent volume, like Kardashian lashes, like you're wearing fakes. Plus it doesn't need to be paired with anything else. I think I have 3 waterproofs (for summer) and 2 regulars currently in my makeup bag, which is just wrong.

Please share with me your faves!