Sunday, July 10, 2011

Procrastinating Mommies

Do you procrastinate when you have too much going on? Sometimes I find myself dragging my feet when I have only a few minutes to get 5 or 6 kids fed and into the van and dressed for dance class. I find a dish to wash. I find a phone call to make. I hurry and get Sam dressed and then rest for a few seconds of well-deserved but ill-timed down-time (loving-the-hyphens!). I write a blog post. I dig around in my bag. Then I rush everyone into the van and we go. Sometimes we're a few minutes late. Then I rush the remaining kids to buy hamster food because the dang thing has been out for days and we've been feeding her things we probably shouldn't. Then we take their friend-who-spent-the-night home. Then we pick up Jordan, pick up the Activitied Child and head home. Or to the pool. No wonder I procrastinate. And this is SUMMER, which means there is LESS going on!

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  1. Probalby spending too much time writing blog posts.


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