Saturday, July 9, 2011

Rosetta Stone Free Demo CD

I called 1-800-349-5311 to get the Rosetta Stone free demo DVD. It rocks. Too bad my memory is so bad after having and caring for 5 kids over the last 10 years that I probably couldn't learn a new language at gunpoint. I have enough Spanish in my brain to get by ... I get to practice it sometimes here in Kansas City. I would learn more if I had to, just as I would easily learn sign language if I had a deaf child. As for teaching my kids a foreign language, however, I'm stuck. I always thought we'd easily learn Spanish together, but I have enough trouble fitting regular stuff into our homeschooling days.

What are your thoughts on foreign language learning? I know a lot of people who are teaching their children LATIN, for gosh sake. I think it would be cool but am so scatterbrained and disorganized that I don't know where we would fit it in. Tips?


  1. I do Latin. We use Latin for Children. There is a DVD to teach the lessons along with a textbook and workbook. Really makes it easy.

  2. What is the number? I was trying to find it on their website, but no luck. I saw it on TV commercial, but didn't save the phone number:(

  3. We are doing Latin via Rosetta Stone! It is interesting, but having learned French in HS, I speak everything but English with a French accent. I'm jealous you got a free cd... the one I got was EXPENSIVE!


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