Monday, July 11, 2011

Diversity Training in my Homeschool

This is a picture of Michael patiently teaching Sam to mess around with crayons on PAPER instead of WALLS. I love the diversity in my homeschool. We're around black people, white people, brown people, mocha people, purple people (just kidding!), bullies, crazies, oldies, babies, doctors, janitors, engineers, nurses, writers, mailmen and soooo much more. I suppose I am the best teacher for my kids (along with their dad) of tolerance and the fact that diversity is good. I'm NOT saying we tolerate being treated badly or watch as others are treated badly. I'm not saying that the diversity of a person who mistreats animals is okay, either.  Well, I've totally lost my point now, and that's just the way I am. Just enjoy the cuteness of my boys being sweet together.

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  1. I'm glad to hear this. I'm going to be hosting something special on my blog to celebrate diversity...along with some other bloggers. I hope you'll join us.


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