Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Name is Kerrie, and I'm a Bravo-holic

I think I’m watching too much TV, which is like 7-10 hours a week, mostly while Sam sleeps on me early in the morning or while he sleeps on me for his naps and the kids run amok in the house. Specifically, I'm watching shows my mom tapes for me from http://bravotv.comBravo Channel. It’s no secret I love all the Real Housewives (although I’m falling out of love with the New Jersey one), much to my husband’s disappointment. It's not exactly uplifting television, I know.

Lately I’ve been watching something I never thought I would like called Million Dollar Decorators. The other day I said something to my husband like, “Hmmm, the pea green chair next to the pea green glider with the pea green drapes as a backdrop and the rose-colored carpet is not the aesthetic I’m aiming for in our living room.” Yeah, he looked at me like I'm crazy because it generally takes an army to get me to wash a dish, and why the H would I care what the "decorating" looks like?
Watching this show makes me want to rip out my dark wood cabinets with gold pulls in my kitchen and put in something a little more "fresh." It makes me want to touch up the paint on the baseboards. It makes me get more mad than usual when Eva covers her body with hot pink lipstick and then rolls around on the light gray carpet. [Aron, "Who would give a 3-year-old this color of lipstick? Who in their right mind?!" And I have to sheepishly reply, "Oops, uhm, me."]

I also love Flipping Out because Jeff Lewis makes me laugh my butt off when I can't figure out if he's being funny or a serious jerk. I love everyone who works for him and dig his design aesthetic. Specifically, I love wallpaper like this? You?

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  1. Oh man, when I was decluttering I made myself watch the Hoarders show! It was disgusting watching it but it made me want to throw out soo much! haha.

    Then when I want to feel encouraged, I watch the Duggar family online.


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