Friday, July 29, 2011

Deanna Rose Farmstead in Kansas City

Another reason I like blogging is that when my husband leaves town (for work, not because he's simply had enough of us), he can still check in and see what's going on around here. Although I'm not usually posting up-to-the-minute breaking news posts, he can still see photos from our past exploits. Lately we don't spend much time going over digital photos taken every day like we used to when we first got the camera back in 2006.

So recently we went to Deanna Rose Farmstead in Kansas City just for fun. It was a pretty day, and apparently the rest of the city had the same plan as we did because it was cuh-razee there!

Okay, so here is Callie doing something I am totally opposed to: bottle-feeding an animal just so it will be kept tame for the kids to handle. I want them to show nursing animals at Deanna Rose, too! I'm such a big baby; I could never work on a farm because I'd be trying to milk a dairy cow while it's baby nursed on it at the same time. It would be like tandem milking. I couldn't stomach weaning an animal from its mom.

Thanks, Joel, for taking this picture of the rest of us.

My sweet babies at the waterfall at what used to be the entrance. Do you know how hard it was to get them all to face the same way?!

Little Sam is not afraid of anything, least of all a little goatie. I'm not sure what's up with Callie here ... crying because she wants a turn or yawning?

I love getting out of the house with my kids. Why have kids if you're going to sit around on your butt all day at home? I'm reading a book called The Idle Parent and the author suggests rarely going anyplace and just playing with your kids at home. That's cool, and we do that ... I let them have a lot of playtime together and I play with them, too, but getting out into the world is nice, too. We just normally try to pick days when most other kids are in school (another reason why I lightly homeschool in the summer is so we can get out and have some fun in the fall!).

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