Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2010 Census

Yes, I filled out my census.

Then a few weeks later at 5:45 p.m. on a week night, I got a call from the Census People.  The chick started spouting off all kinds of sections and codes and crap that let me know she was allowed to be calling me.  Still, how do I know it was really the Census People?

So let’s assume it was really them.  She wants to take 10 minutes of my time to ask more questions about my household.  I asked her why.  She spouted off more sections and codes instead of just saying something like, “Well, some people are randomly chosen to be asked more questions.”

So I said, “You have my census in front of you?”

She said she did.

I said, “Then you know that I have 5 kids and that you are calling at dinnertime.  I don’t have 10 minutes for you.”

I hung up as she was saying something about needing to set up an appointment to talk with me.  I found out someone I know had the same issue once and the Census People showed up at his house with a badge and everything.

  1. Why can’t they randomly choose someone else instead of wasting time tracking down those who don’t want to answer their dang questions?
  2. If I’m home during the day with just my kids, you can bet your butt I will not be answering the door to a Census Person.  Except these days my kids are always playing outside and I’m out watching them quite often and the Census Person will probably corner me.  Darnit.


  1. Wow, that sounds crazy! I mean how would you know the person you were speakingt too was truly the govt officials???? It could totally be a scam or something! I would not answer them either.

  2. I loved the part about them knowing that you have five kids and still callign during dinner. How funny.

  3. As a single mother with three children and three of the meanest dachshunds ever, I will not be answering the door for a random person. I guess if the want to yell questions over the dogs trying to kill them threw the glass (locked) door, more power to them.


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