Monday, April 5, 2010

Silence of My Lambs

Don’t you love that time of night when your family is all settled in?

Maybe you’re single and your favorite time of the day is when work is over, dinner is over, the dishes are done (or not!) and you snuggle up with a good book, a movie, a TV show, a friend.

Maybe it’s just you and your spouse and you like sitting in your matching recliners while one of you watches TV and one of you sews a quilt.

For me, it’s around 9 p.m. when Sam is asleep on my shoulder and I’ve either put Eva to sleep in bed or she’s crashed out on the couch. The 3 older kids are watching a movie that just came from NetFlix (something like Astro Boy or something Dora-ish). Aron is either watching the movie with them or he’s working on something in his woodshop.

And I can relax in the silence. I write, read, watch TV with them, bug Aron. All winter I basically went to bed at 9, though, because we had a hard winter and I’d just had a baby. Soon it will still be light at 9 p.m., I’ll be more active during the day and I’ll be wired til 11 and will pray myself to sleep.

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