Sunday, April 4, 2010

Houses for Rent in Kansas City

So the neighbors who were renting next door have moved out and the house is now ready for the next set of people. It’s a very nice house and is across from an elementary school, so lots of people have been stopping by to look at it.

If someone looks too hoity toity to live next door to me (meaning someone who is not exactly like me as far as being the coolest person on the planet), I send the kids out to the deck to yell things in a backwoods accent like, “Welcome to Hillbilly Homeschool High.”


“Are you renting because of a bankruptcy or a fear of commitment?”

Because I never know who is reading this blog, I have to say to the landlords of this house that I am partially kidding, but that someone who lives next to a house full of kids needs to be able to handle it. And I have to say to people who are over 40 years old and renting houses that I have nothing against you and don’t feel superior to you. In fact, someone once said something to me about how there are many benefits to renting instead of owning. If you are that person, please expand upon that sentiment in the Comments section, please, because I’m nothing if not open-minded!

Hoppy Easter, by the way!