Friday, February 26, 2010

Funny Bathroom Cleaning Instructions for Little Kids

*can be done by one person or split up*

1. Put away everything that doesn’t belong in the bathroom (stuffed animals, omelets, etc.).

2. Hang up towels, put things away in drawers and closet. If towels smell bad because you left them on the floor after your bath last week, put them in the hamper and replace them with clean ones from the closet. On second thought, just walk up to the store and buy new towels. Grab my debit card from my wallet.

3. Using a wipe or washrag, wipe down counter and sink.

4. Using just the toilet brush (no Comet!), clean out the toilet. Ask Daddy if there is something else he’d like you to use to get it clean. Mommy doesn’t want you to use chemical-y stuff. Is baking soda and vinegar okay? We don’t want Daddy to freak out because the new toilet has been scratched!!!

5. Using a wipe or washrag, wipe the rest of the toilet. Try not to gag. Don’t gripe about how gross it may be because I rarely use that toilet so it’s not my fault.

6. Shake out the rugs (over the back deck).

7. If there is a lot of hair or other debris (duh-bree = dirt) on the floor (toilet paper your sister has gotten wet and then left to dry, concoctions that should have been left in the kitchen), do a quick sweep of the floor with the small brush and dustpan from garage. Then put it back!!! (the dustpan, not the debris)

8. Get the tub a little bit wet, then sprinkle some Comet around on the dirty parts. Using a washrag, scrub down the tub. To rinse off the Comet, you can use the sprayer or just let tub water run while you fill a cup and use that to rinse off the sides of the tub. Do not try to make a beach on the bathroom floor again like you did that one time when I was sitting downstairs and saw water coming through the water fixtures in the ceiling. Thank you.


  1. Wow!! Those are some pretty awesome and safe tips. Thanks, because my three youngest are always wanting to help..and dh won't let them because of the chemicals.

  2. Ya know if you want something that's got all enviro friendly and won't scratch try Bon Ami. No bleach, chlorine or dye and best yet they use recycled bottles/paper. The company Bill works for make it & I've used it solely for it! checkout their website:
    Jen Wood


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