Thursday, February 25, 2010

Texting Contests

So we went to the Valentine’s Dance at the school across the street from us. We like to meet new people, have fun, dance, eat, get out of the house.

Anyway, there was going to be a “texting contest” … huh? I was intrigued because you ought to know by now how I feel about little kids with cell phones in the first place. The ages of kids who go there are from 5-11 … apparently they are texting aficionados. You should see them when they get out of school each day … it’s like they’re getting off work in New York City … they head for the sidewalk, backpack on back and cell phone to ear (even in large groups), making dinner reservations and texting to their moms that they are out of school for the day (duh! Shouldn’t your mom, like, KNOW that already?!).

So here's a picture from the texting contest, since I’m an awesome photojournalist as well as a wicked cool journalist-in-training. The kids just had to see who could type the written message on the posterboard the fastest. Back in my day that was called a TYPING CONTEST, and I woulda kicked butt* at that. I even interviewed a kid there. It went like this:

Me: “So how much are those phones those kids are using to text?”

Kid: “Like $100.”

Me: “Do you have one?”

Kid: “Yes.”

Me: “Why? I mean, doesn’t your mom know where you are all the time?”

Kid walks off, tired of talking to freaky nosey woman.

*FYI: I can’t use any cuss words on here anymore since I have on the side of my blog. Dangit. Oops, that might count as cussing. I guess I’m a sell-out.

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  1. Texting contest for 5-11 year olds, that is crazy! Not as crazy as the fact that they are already good at it. I am with you on the young kids and cell phones thing, I just don't get it either!


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