Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dr. Barbie & I Feel Sorry for Men These Days

Feminism got us all these cool rights and privileges (like being able to vote, to get paid what men get paid and to sleep around with many partners … ha!). Then Mattel goes and makes (in the year 2009, no less) Dr. Barbie.

Eva got Dr. Barbie from Santa (Mrs. Claus, actually) for Christmas and I don’t think Mrs. Claus knew what Mrs. Claus was doing. Instead of being a symbol of what girls should try to be when they grow up, here are some of Dr. Barbie’s attributes:

1. A very short outfit.

2. No undies.

3. Gladiator heels. What doctor do you know who wears heels all day long?

4. A button on her back that makes her rock these 2 babies. Isn’t that the nurse’s job? Doesn’t the doctor just do the exam and then bolt?

Do you think "President-of-a-Fortune-500-Corporation Barbie" would be dressed like this?

I feel sorry for men these days. They have to battle online porn addiction and watch young girls walk into church in short skirts and watch their mothers bend over and show their pretty little thong underwear. Now they have to try to avoid Dr. Barbie in their own home!

I miss good old Barbie of the 1950s … one-piece black and white swimsuit (strapless though it was), classy red coat (I have one of those!), practical Capri pants and pissed-off look on her face.

I won’t let my girls have Bratz dolls (we call them Slutz or Hoez) because of the way they dress, the makeup and the Restalyned lips. So how did Dr. Barbie make it into my house?

Do you have girls? Do you let them play with Barbies? Bratz dollz? Do you feel sorry for men? And yes, if you are a man reading this blog, you can feel sorry for yourself.

Oops, Dr. Barbie just got transferred to another hospital called The Thrift Store.