Sunday, December 13, 2009

English as a Screwy Language (ESL)

My friend teaches English as a Second Language, so I know she'll appreciate this one.

So in what universe does "ph" sound like a "v"? Apparently in this one, where the name STEPHEN sounds like SteVen. I should know; it's my son's middle and my dad's first name.

How come once you get to the number TEN, then you don't go Oneteen? Why do we have eleven, twelve, thirteen and fifteen when the rest of the teens are more logical? Why not oneteen, twoteen, threeteen and fiveteen?

Mom and I love when words are screwed up by people. Our current is "volumptuous". As in: Kerrie McLoughlin is volumptuous.

We also like "immaculant". As in: Kerrie's house will never be immaculant.

Gimme some more messed-up words, and be sure to use them in a sentence, Class!

Have a nice week. I'm taking it off to pursue Christmas Craziness.


  1. Yep, but Stephanie has the F sound for the ph. I think that Stephen is a borrowed name from another language if the first martyr was named that. Might by why some of the things we come across are odd... we're mishmashing different words that have differing rules into our own language. :]

  2. I lonnnnng for an immaculant house at times. Just because. Yet it seems like I always have to settle for "well, at least it's straightened."

  3. In the Arabic language there is no "v", or "p". As for the funny words, my kids mess up city names frequently. When we lived in Florida my husband traveled to Miami frequently for business, and Madeline would ask if she could accompany him to "Your Ami". Charlotte told everyone who would listen about the trip we took to "Our Lando" last month.

    Merry Christmas to your and your family too!


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