Thursday, November 12, 2009


I've been sitting on this one a while because I think this post may offend THE WHOLE WORLD since I seem to be the only one who does not own this Wii contraption. Perhaps if I played it for 5 seconds I would totally be hooked like the rest of the population of Planet Earth. Perhaps not. I’d rather be writing and creating and being snobby about it.

My neighbor is lovely in every other way, so I pray to God she never sees this snotty post, but she didn't understand why my 4-year-old daughter didn’t want to play their new Wii when she went to their house to PLAY.

You know PLAY, right? Or is that a foreign concept these days? And imagination. And creativity.

I know people who can’t afford to pay their rent yet they have gone out and somehow acquired a Wii. If I couldn’t pay my rent and got that kind of gift, I’d probably sell it and then … PAY MY RENT.

I know a woman who comes home from a long work week and plays Guitar Hero for hours, totally shutting out her kids.

A friend of mine who has a Wii tells me it’s a bunch of B.S. that it helps kids get off the couch, so it’s not like a mindless video game. She says it’s not like actually playing a sport, like bowling or tennis at all.

Do you have a Wii? Would you defend it to the death? Or do you agree with me, being all snobby and snooty?


  1. I had a Wii and I THREW IT AWAY. Not literally but I sold it. I was tired of my kids playing video games all day. I will tell them to play outside or even offer to take them somewhere fun and they would turn it down for the Wii! That was it. Out the door it went along with the Guitar Hero. Seriously. My kids needed a life and I helped them get one. :)

  2. We have one but not for our kids...for us. We use it for fun when they are in bed (or accoasionally we do guitar hero for them so they can watch and dance with it). I will say when we box or do the aerobics we break a big ol sweat. It is what it is though....a video game.

  3. Deffinately not worth all the hype. I've played and I think they're rediculous. You have to be too careful with the controls to actually get up to any kind of activity for the "healthy" aspect of it. And most of the games you can cheat on and still stay on the couch. So, I would never waste my money on one. Hubby on the other hand....

  4. I play wii fit sometimes. Other than that it just sits and does nothing. I have never been a big fan of video games. My husband got it about six months ago. I could live without it. I do not like video games on with the kids around so it usually just collects dust.

  5. We have a gets played in spurts, a lot for a few days then nothing for weeks. We don't have cable tv so the kids don't get a lot of screen time anyway, and it doesn't bother me when they go through a phase of playing it a lot. The game that gets played the most is Boom Blox. It's a game that can be cooperative or competitive, single player or up to four players.

  6. We used to live next door to a family, the Reeds, and they had one.

    I vote snooty.


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