Friday, November 13, 2009

Christmas Music

Are you kidding me? Christmas music is on my radio as of the 1st of November AGAIN this year. On TWO channels. Let me get through Thanksgiving! What's the rush?


  1. Thanksgiving has as its major premise that we ought be THANKFUL for things we already have. It doesn't SELL anything. No wonder retailers like to skip it... how sad is that?

  2. I hate it.

    I think Thanksgiving is an important holiday yet people are already putting up trees and presents. We never decorate around our house until December 1st.

  3. The rush is, my friend, to teach the (as in yours) children the music they will be performing on the street corner every night beginning the day after thanksgiving through new years day to mmmake money-money. You aint gonna get that new Cadillac SUV limousine by having them scrape driveways, that plan totally tanked last year. What are you even doing writing? Shouldn't you be teaching them choreography to go along with the music?


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