Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dude, You Know This Tree Rocks

I'm a direct reincarnation from the 60s. I want a silver, white or pink Christmas tree SOOO BAD. Don't tell my husband, but I have a list in my mind of things I'll do or buy if he dies before me. Things like get a laptop of my own or order cable or put a TV in the bedroom. The Christmas tree thing is on this list. This year we get a REAL TREE. I didn't grow up with real ones and hate them. You have to water them and vacuum up after them. They are like having a dog. Also you have to buy them and dispose of them. I'm lazy and like artificial trees. How about you?


  1. True story...we use to have a real tree until one year when my oldest daughter was little, we bought a real tree, and my husband went out of town on business. Well, my daughter and I were very allergic to it. We had to get rid of it, and go and buy an artificial one. Maybe you'll be allergic to yours this year too...not to wish you any harm, just saying.

  2. I never have to water my tree really because I don't get it too early. But... I like the artificial because once you buy it, it's bought. Otherwise you have to buy the real one each year and they are so darn expensive!

  3. lol @ the list..we just got a tv in our it...
    we have an artifial tree, much easier to clean up after and to keep it contained in one area(the mess that is)..but I must say I dont agree with the pink tree, I like the green ones much

  4. My 6 year old Charlotte is dying to get a straight-out-of-the-60s glittery, shiny, not found in nature colored tree. She's partial to purple. I compromised by getting the kids a 4 foot artificial tree with fiber optic lights. The fiber optics are purple about 1/6th of the time :)


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