Saturday, November 21, 2009

deep-ish , controversial-ish thoughts ...

... from my facebook status updates:

i used to be so judgmental about out-of-wedlock pregnancies, even though it happened to me at 18. now i don't think it matters so much how a precious baby comes into the world, as long as it is well-taken-care-of and loved.


  1. WOW... I keep coming back to see when someone comments, but no one did.

    I think it DOES matter for several reasons how a kiddo gets here. I don't think we have to be judgmental about it, though. I wish more children were well cared for and loved as well.

  2. I agree...of course I've always been judgemental of those who run off and get married when they see those two lines although I did it 20 years was a disaster. Didn't bother this time with this partner and I'm more happily "married" now than ever.

  3. And there in lies the maturity of parenthood. Society and faith often focus so much on the parents. "You're not married?", "Are you sure you are able to handle it?", etc.

    No one is ever truly ready for parenthood no matter how much you planned it. There is no perfect manual for it. If you go into it with love, understanding, and a desire to raise a truly wonderful child, it doesn't matter the circumstances behind how they came into the world.

    I am reminded of the late Dave Thomas, former founder and CEO of Wendy's. He was an adopted child. He went on to be very successful and give millions to programs for adopted and foster children. I often wonder if his real parents ever regretted giving him up.

    I remember you briefly mentioning your first child and when you did, a little look of pain came across your face. I am so glad you have your "good Catholic starter family" and have now realized just how wonderful a mom you truly are.

    In my mind, there is something sexy about motherhood and if there was a mag for sexy mothers, you'd be mother of the year. Don't change a thing and maybe share that confidence and love you know as a mother out to those about to be mothers. Wedded or not.


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