Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tresa versus Callie

I have to shut up about Tresa because I’m starting to sound like I want to be her or something and I’m getting a little creepy. But here’s what happened the other day:

Aron was out of town and I was trying to get the boys ready for their fishing trip with him the very next day. I’d been to the doctor. I was trying to make dinner. I needed some sleep. And a drink. Then Callie starts in on one of her horrific tantrums … she wanted me to take a chair downstairs and I told her to wait and was on the phone with my doula. The screaming and crying and exorcist stuff started when Tresa offered to help her take the chair downstairs instead.

The second Callie started in, Tresa grabbed her and took her to her room, explaining how “Mommy’s making dinner and we’re not going to act this way right now.”

I was shocked.

In a great way.

How many people are you good enough friends with who would do that for you? I hope Ellen and Eva read this and know they have my total permission to do the same. Just watch out: Cal’s a real kicker and flailer.

Callie was not hurt. She was not yelled at. She was SERVED.

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