Friday, October 2, 2009

Recent Doctor Visit

So because Aron’s job took him out of town an extra day, I dragged all 4 kids to my 36 ½ week doctor appointment.

There’s a 6-month-old baby in a carseat at his mom’s feet waiting to be checked in next to me. Eva, of course, goes for the baby to just SEE him … didn’t touch him or charge him or anything like that. The mom YANKS the kid away; Eva tries to come SEE the baby again. The woman snottily goes, “Go find your mommy.”

I go, “I’m right here. It’s not like she’s going to hurt him or anything … she’s very gentle with lots of baby experience.”

Probably Lying Bitch: “He’s sick.” (he’s laying there looking happy as a freaking clam)

Totally Nice At This Point Me: “Oh, we don’t care. We’re totally healthy.”

Bitch: “I do.”

Me: “Dang, First-Timer Stereotype! You don’t have to be so rude!”

Then I went to give my glorious pee sample. I should’ve gone and TOUCHED her kid! Or at least the carseat handle. It’s not like I have the swine flu, but I wish I had the WINE FLU.

Yeah, I know, I’m a preggie on the edge. Then I went to my doctor and BEGGED him to please not do the dilation check (fingers in my hoo-ha for no good reason) today because I was going nuts today and just wanted to go home. And how is it that my blood pressure is always fine when they check it?

Upside: before we left, Joel sold the doc some popcorn that he’s selling for Cub Scouts.

Then we went home and had strawberry shortcake to celebrate my ZERO weight gain! I think everything I’m eating is going to the baby’s kickin’ foot.