Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lame-O Baby Brain

Lack of sleep truly makes you stoopid! Right now Aron is at church with the boys scouring the grounds for good kindling wood for winter fires. Eva is playing at the kitchen sink. Sam is sleeping in a nice vibrating bouncy seat ... a rare moment out of my arms and off my boobs. Callie is watching some TV and hopefully staying out of trouble. I got some "me time" and submitted a bunch of reprint articles last night and today have been sending out invoices and being thrilled with some positive responses. Gotta go change a nice poop of Eva's, and she's waking up Sam with some good crying at me right now (tired but won't go to sleep).

Such is my life these days, and life is good.


  1. so glad sam is home with you!!!

  2. I know! My life just got way busier with baby Caleb. Juggling homeschooling, house cleaning (not doing so hot in this area), nursing, laundry, blah blah.... But I love being busy. Things are a tad crazy now but life is GREAT! I'm in love with my little Squishy (Caleb).

  3. What did we do with all the extra brain space before we had kids...when your energy wasn't divided so many different ways?

    You need to check your FB inbox :D


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