Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Matt Roloff – Help!

Have you ever seen that show “Little People, Big World”? It’s a family … the dad and mom are Little People, and only 1 of their 4 kids is a Little Person. The dad came up with a stool kit to sell to hotels to accommodate Little People so they don’t have to brush their teeth in the tub and so they can actually reach things, like the bed, the sink, the air conditioner controls.

I wish to God every single hotel had a few of these kits because they also accommodate CHILDREN. It stinks staying in a hotel for a month and having your kids get up on death chairs to brush their teeth or wash their hands … the floors are slick and the chairs have no skid-proof bottoms.

And don’t get me started on restaurant bathrooms … or bathrooms in any kid place, for that matter. Or in CHURCHES or schools! At drinking fountains. I’m not always able to lift my kid up to wash his or her hands, or else they have to sit on the counter to do it and get all wet.

Matt Roloff … please market this stuff EVERYWHERE. I’ll totally help you out for a cut of the profits.


  1. It's funny you say that because I have been thinking lately along those lines of kid or family friendly resorts and hotels.

    Yes, there are still single people out there that travel, but the family market is fast overtaking them. Need I point out the success of Carnival's Family Friendly Cruises or the boom of Great Wolf Lodge?

    I would love to take my kids and step kids and travel to hotels and resorts and rate them. Why teens you ask? Because the market is catering to little kids more, but teens get the raw end of the stick and I am sure are sick of hearing "Quit whining, they have a pool for God sake!". Yeah, that does a lot of good in December.

  2. Neat idea! If they do that and actually change the bedcovers between guests, great improvements will have been accomplished. :]

  3. OMG! WTF? Since WHEN does anyone in your family WASH their hands after using the bathroom? OH PLEASE!


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