Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Did I Just Say That?

It seems like I blog weekly (or daily, sorry) about how surly I am.

The day Aron had to go to Phoenix for work (with a 36-weeks-pregnant wife at home), Joel called his cell phone to say hi. Aron had to get off the phone fast, though, and Joel told me it sounded like someone was yelling at Aron.

So here’s what comes out of MY mouth:

“They’d BETTER not be yelling at my man. His ass is out there as a FAVOR. His huge wife is at home with sinus issues and a doctor who’s pushing her to be induced. If they even LOOK at him funny, I will fly the 5 ½ of us out there and kick them all in the nuts.”

The scary thing is that I might actually do it.

The other night on Rescue Me, Sheila told Janet, “Sit down or I will kick you in the vagina. And you know I will.”

I was always the kid who was bullied on her way home from school and in the bathrooms in junior high. These days, it’s like I am totally the verbal bully to adults who annoy me and do stupid, selfish crap.

Don’t worry, readers, I’ll be back to nice and normal in a few weeks … or will I?


  1. There is a movement gaining momentum...that of people tired of the BS and tired of being too nice to say anything about it.

    Kicking in the vag is a bit harsh, but it does certainly get the point of your level of seriousness across. :P

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  3. AND--*gasp!* Did you kill the music player for meeee? I love the new quiet zen of your blogpage, dahling.

    Will quit blowing up your comments now.

  4. Why go back to normal? Some people need to be told what schmucks they are. I've had to start doing it myself.

  5. I hate that employers want to take advantage of hard workers! My husband just got told by his boss that he needs to work seven days a week. He is the only manager of the restaurant and the guy is to cheap to hire another. Beyond that he does all the repairs. I think that I should go kick him and tell him my kids hardly remember what their dad looks like.


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