Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Let Kids Be Kids

The other night at the park, a mom of one (no offense to parents of single kids, but sometimes they can get a little over-fruity simply because they have the time to) had her 4-year-old son there. Not only did she hover over him every second, but when he started running for the swings, she told him, “Stop running! You don’t have your running shoes on.”

Is that like my “listening ears”? She probably called the State on me because my kids simply don’t wear shoes at the school park at all. At least her kid had nice sandals with good tread on them.

Anyway, here are some pix of my kids just being kids, since I’m like the best mom in the world and all that.


  1. My kids ALWAYS take off their shoes at the school playground - the better to wrap their little monkey toes around the equipment. If we go to the downtown park, however, I'm more vigilant about them keeping their shoes ON. Being on the lake, there's lots of goose poop everywhere. ;-)

  2. The white van in the leaf picture looks suspicous. Maybe it is SRS going after those darn non-shoe wearing white trash people. Overland Park...nothing but trash now a days :)

  3. get some fricking shoes on their feet. geeeeeeeez.

  4. Great photos and thanks for sharing all your jewels with me.

    The Raggedy Girl


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