Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jon & Kate … Yes, I’m Going There

Somebody gave me the August 3 issue of US Weekly. Of course there was an article about Jon & Kate Gosselin. And of course I have issues. Here they be:

Kate “has been a pendulum of emotions, snapping at her children (even more so than usual) and withdrawing (even more so than usual) from the locals in Wernersville, Pennsylvania.” DO YA THINK?! I wouldn’t want to go near people either at a time like this. And of COURSE she is snapping at her kids and is a wreck. Do you think the host of this blog is Mother of the Year when her husband is out of town for weeks on end? Taking care of 8 kids alone (or even with a part-time nanny) while going through a divorce while your husband is all over the world with a younger woman AND being in the spotlight (their choice, I know) is HARD.

A worker at a hotel where Kate and the kids stayed said, “That woman should take lessons from Angelina Jolie.” There’s a big difference there, though. Angelina has 2 fewer kids and doesn’t have SIX the same age. Also Angelina has BRAD to help handle the kids.

There was a photo shoot and it didn’t end until 9 p.m., “long after most 5-year-olds’ bedtimes.” Not in my house! You don’t wanna KNOW what time we go to bed around here. But then they sleep in so that’s when I get my “quiet time.” The point is … who appointed 8 p.m. as the bedtime of choice for ALL little kids in America?

“When asked by Us about his new digs [in NYC, appx. $5,000/month], he replied, ‘It’s expensive!’” What a dork! I’m not clear on their financial situation and know he should get half of the money from the reality crap, but didn’t KATE write the books and then tour the country pimping it out?

“A source close to Jon notes that during the South of France trip, ‘Jon was on his cell to the kids all the time. They would call him, and he took the time to speak to them and describe what St.-Tropez looked like.’” Wow, that’s mighty white of you Jon, to TAKE THE TIME to speak to your children. Should I now give my husband an award for calling home every night when he travels?

On a different note, who wears high heels to a dude ranch, Kate? With 8 kids, you have to be dressed to chase their butts down if they try to get away from you.

AND … I’m always happy to see when people like her have kids who get cavities! Makes me feel better about my own parenting. And convinces me that fluoride actually might CAUSE cavities. Hmmm.


  1. I have purposely tried to avoid the Gosselins and all this crap. Living a "happily married life" before the cameras is easy. Getting a divorce in front of them is bloody hard.

    I recently had a friend who was going through a divorce, she was handling it gracefully and then her husband got upset about something and started slamming her via his Facebook status. To make matters worse, their "well meaning friends" started slandering her in reply to his ludicrous status messages.

    Do I feel for Kate Gosselin? In some ways. She and Jon are making millions off this exploitation and trust me, could have a nanny full time if needed, but that doesn't get you good ratings. Kate is human, she has emotions and it is going to be a LONG time before she is "back to sanity". As for the hotel working, taking a line from your last blog, she needs a kick in the vagina if she is so damn stupid to even remotely compare Angelina and Kate.

    Jon? All I can hope is he meets with a timely beating in an alley somewhere. I have words for a guy like that, but respect Kerrie enough to NOT soil her blog with them.

    On an up note, fear not for Kate, she and Paula Dean have a pilot for a talk show coming out very soon and maybe Kate has embraced the world of nanny-dom, will kick the reality stuff to the curb thus cutting off Jon's cash flow (how long do you think his bimbo will stay when he's broke?), and be Kate on Kate's terms.

    Let's just hope with all this upheaval, she remembers what is truly most important here...

    Love those children, they did not ask for all of this and someday, they will be subjected to mommy and daddy's break up courtesy of syndication.

  2. Let all the perfect mommies in the world with perfect marriages line up to cast the first stones at Kate Gosselin.

  3. *whunk*

    Just kidding. LOL

    I really have no clue who these people are except some sort of blog somewhere said "Kate" had "rooster hair." Things like "rooster hair" are serious issues, folks.

  4. I just feel very sad for them and also wonder how stupid? At some point and time there should have been some breaks put onto the situation. Talk about train wreck and traumatized kids....

  5. I had never heard of them before they popped up daily on my computer news. It would be hard enough to raise 8 kids in "real life" but to do it for TV (profit) would make it awful. I guess they need our pity and prayers.

    The Raggedy Girl


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