Friday, August 21, 2009

No Shoes, No Service

By now you’ve probably heard about the Burger King in St. Louis that asked a woman to leave because her 6-month-old didn’t have shoes on. They said it violated a health code.

1. Babies don’t need shoes. Eva is 20 months old and has maybe worn shoes 6 times in her life. She’s a little pigeon-toed, and my doctor (Mr. Ultra Careful) said NOT wearing shoes is the best thing for her. Of course we put shoes on her when the ground is hot, and when winter comes she’ll have shoes and socks. We’re not COMPLETELY stupid.

2. Check your county for “no shoe” health violation codes. I dare you to find one. I once saw on CBS Sunday Morning where a guy NEVER wears shoes. He goes into places and they tell him it’s a health code violation, but it’s not. People just make crap up.

3. We’ve been asked to either put shoes on our little kids (I make my kids 2 and up wear shoes) or leave sometimes, but that’s more because they are afraid the kid will step on a crack pipe and sue. Damn our litigious society and damn that woman who sued McDonald’s for the hot coffee incident.

4. Don’t people have better things to worry about, like making the burger “my way”?