Saturday, August 22, 2009

AT&T and My Technologically Abusive Husband

I love when AT&T calls me about once a year to discuss new products and services.

First they want to know how I access the Internet. I tell them I don’t. They ask if I even have a computer. I say yes. They ask if I want the Internet. I say no, not unless my husband dies first.

Then they ask me about DirecTV and other cable and want to know how I get my cable now. I tell them I don’t. I tell them my converter box rocks. And that I won’t get cable unless my husband dies first.

Then they ask about our cell phones. I tell them I’m on my mom’s Sprint plan (no Internet, no texting) and Aron has a TracPhone.

Then I tell them I wouldn’t get any of that stuff from them anyway since they screw me so bad on my land line service, which I’m stuck with since Aron won’t part with it.

I live in a strange household, don’t I? It’s almost like Aron is technologically abusive toward me. Good thing for him he rocks in every other way.


  1. Kerrie:
    It is so nice to drop in and find you still here and still as funny as ever! I started in about 10 days ago to jump back into the blogging pool after a really crazy summer. I divided all my blogging friends into "blog teams" and thought I would just visit one team each day of the week and I got through about three days and my hard drive died and now that I have a new one I lost all my teams and had to start working on new ones. I hope to being posting next week if the end of the front room remodel goes well. It has been so crazy here in the desert. I have really missed blogging.

    The Raggedy Girl


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