Saturday, July 18, 2009

Homeschool Group Hell 2009

This post was supposed to be introducing my e-book. I've been working on it for 3 months now. I expected it to be quick, like the Laid-Back Parenting one I did. The difference is that "Get Published in Regional Parenting Magazines" is 10 times longer with an Excel database attached. I just want it to be accurate.

Anyway, I'm hopefully officially out of my Catholic homeschool group as of today. I'd asked to be removed before, but wasn't. Since then, all kinds of bitchy in-fighting has occurred and I just can't let a crappy post enter my e-mail box without responding and questioning WHY ARE YOU SO DAMN PIOUS? I swear women live to bitch, and I wonder when THESE women have time to homeschool since they are so concerned about how everyone else is living their life.

No wonder so many people leave their church, ANY church, ANY religion. The arguing and lack of acceptance is incredible. And I'm not talking about asking someone to accept and befriend a pedophile or axe murderer (although you never know everything about a person ... you could be sending your kid to spend the night with a pedophile and not know it and do it anyway just because the person is Catholic) ... but the things these "support group" women pick on are crazy (Halloween costume selections, Obama, wondering if it's okay to do the sign of the cross with your left hand instead of your right).

I'm getting out of this group before it implodes and before I lose my love of God and humanity.


  1. Can you hear me giggling from 1900 miles away? :)

  2. yeah, yeah, i know you're right. why, oh, why do i choose to fight with them instead of just ignore them?

  3. Um, these ladies shouldn't be arguing over Halloween costume selections if Halloween is from the Devil in the first place.

    YES, I really think that, but I don't see what that really has to do with homeschooling. And you know... I think we can be tolerant of people who don't have these convictions and are just playing dress-ups and candy without all the pagan worship and stuff. Even my own church (Pentecostal!) has a "harvest" celebration that "just so happens" to coincide with that day. So they can "witness" to people outside the church.

    Well, I'd do it differently if I were in charge. I'm not secretive about it. I don't ARGUE about it, though. There are just so many other things to deal with in my opinion before we get to handling that stuff. A lot of that sort of thing is a matter of personal conviction or culture and not necessarily a Bible absolute.

  4. Oh! Like Christmas and having a tree. I know people who absolutely won't do it because they feel it's idolatry to have a tree in the house and decorate it with lights, etc. Which is ABSOLUTELY true if you're in danger of worshipping the tree. Or if it makes you nervous that you are sinning.

    Doesn't mean they should get in your face and tell you not to unless you are festooning said tree with "Satan is Lord" ornaments.

    (Oh, I wonder if those would sell? Or atheist Christmas ornaments? Hm.)


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