Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bath Time

The nurse at my doc's office is a hoot. She has a 10-year-old son who won't take a shower, but he sweats a lot and smells. She told me she thinks I'm a good mom and asked if my kids bathe daily. I laughed! Doesn't going to the pool count as a bath?

You know how you always think of stuff later? I should’ve told her, “Just use the ridicule tactic. Like tell him constantly how much he stinks, and when he sits next to you, move and say P.U. and hold your nose and tell him his friends told you in confidence that they think he smells bad.”

I actually told her to do like when you potty-train and give him an M&M every time he showers. Or give him a penny. Yeah, right.


  1. Haha! Wow. I'm so glad we don't have that problem with my little brothers. They get into so many messes that if they refused to bathe, they'd resemble Pig Pen. :)

    That last thing about the potty-training? I may have to steal that and see if my mom can get it to work with my brothers. No amount of coaxing can get those boys on the pot. But the promise of M&Ms might! :D

  2. The boys get a bath every other day whether they need it or not. Given our entire family's aversion to water, it's usually a five minute "rinse, soap, rinse" affair. We think it helps keep them cute and popular :)

  3. Jenna, the strongest parenting skill Kerrie has taught me is the power you have when you bribe your children with chocolate. It works for so many things...

    My vote is that pool time counts as bath time. And that is why we should all have hot tubs for winter time. Mine and Kerrie's kids could easily become rastafarian and grow dreads for our laziness in the bath department.

    Let's do it, Ker!


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