Monday, June 29, 2009

More Kid (and Adult) Funnies

5. Me to Aron: “I need to put your shirts away since they’ve been sitting in the laundry basket for 4 days and they’re all wrinkly.”
Aron: “Just the way I like ‘em.”
Me: “They probably call you The Wrinkled Guy at work. And not because you’re 42, either.”

6. Joel has been using the word “perhaps” a lot lately. Good thing we homeschool because that’d get his ass kicked in the schoolyard.

7. Joel, in an extremely excited state, “Mommy, I picked up my poop! It was gross! It looked like DEER poop!” Disturbing. And what have I been feeding him?

8. Michael, as Dobby from Harry Potter, “I is not finding it, Sir.”

9. Eva: "Duppie" -- which means "up", "down", "I want that thing up there" or "gimme that"

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