Friday, May 15, 2009

She’s the Mailman’s Daughter

My dad delivered mail for like 30 years. When he’d see someone impatiently waiting for her mail, tapping her foot like he was taking too long, he’d say, “This is actually TOMORROW’s mail … you’re getting it EARLY!!!”

Thank you very much. Don’t forget to tip your mailman on the way out.

*And they CAN accept Christmas money, by the way … you just have to make sure you’re not giving them TOO much, because the post office gets pissed off about that. There are guidelines, you know. Why, I have no idea. Maybe they don’t want the mailmen getting too rich and quitting?

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  1. haha...I used to work for a newspaper, a wednesday weekly and it was printed and available at our office Tuesday afternoon and people got a great kick out of picking it up on Tuesday to get "tomorrow's news" lol



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