Saturday, May 16, 2009

Little Eva

She’s not even a year and a half yet, but here comes her personality!

She can say TACO. Of course, because she hears it at every diaper change.

When she’s hungry she stands by her chair, which contains her booster seat. Then she makes grunting or whining noises. She insists on feeding herself (Mom says it’s because she sees the other kids doing so), and tips the spoon upside-down as it gets to her mouth.

She eats Chapstick and chews on dog toys and is still somehow super healthy.

She kept taking out barrettes and ponytail holders, so I just cut her long front hair into bangs.

She likes to throw potatoes in the trash can, just like her siblings did when they were little.

I have to keep reminding myself that with every mess she makes, she is learning and her brain is growing. And I will certainly miss all this mess-making when it’s gone.

*The digital camera is still in Illinois being checked out. As soon as it returns I’ll be a picture-posting fool (instead of just a regular fool). I know you’re all dying to see the kids and my preggie belly. You know you wanna rub it for luck, but I’ll probably smack your hand away, so BACK OFF.


  1. What a fun age. The more kids you have the more you appreciate how fast it goes.

  2. Would you belly bump another prego to be all edgy and cool, like the cool kids fist bump these days?


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