Monday, April 6, 2009

Merging Blogs

I have met my breaking point. I am officially admitting that I am a human being and that I have limitations. Instead of trying to manage two different blogs (one regular and one about writing), I’m merging them. I’m hoping this gives me more time to write for publication and to stare in amazement at my kids.

And to stop making crazy mistakes, like almost getting myself sued because I didn’t Google book titles and webs sites before I named my e-book. And to attempt to stop offending people SO badly (although I’ll still offend a little bit, I can promise you that).

If you have an e-mail subscription to Mother Writer, please re-sign up at The Kerrie Show on the right-hand side. If you get an e-mail from The Kerrie Show that is about writing and makes you yawn, just delete it and check out tomorrow’s post. If you’re a writer and get a post about my kid’s snotty nose, just move on.

This is certainly not a tightly focused blog … it’s definitely a variety blog. I hope you get a good laugh now and then or maybe even some writing inspiration. Look for lots of Pissy Pregnancy stories and Writer’s Guidelines, as well as excerpts from my newly titled “The Laid-Back Mom’s Parenting Guidebook”.


  1. Good luck w/ the consolidating! ;)

    I know, my other blog gets so neglected these days......(

  2. LOL I like how you didn't qualify which direction or degree of amazement when talking about spending time staring at your kids.

    I love you for your word choice, among so many things, my friend.

  3. I always love when bloggers define their own rules about how and how often they will blog. I don't want to be tied to rules. I have enough rules to last me a lifetime. You blog about what ever you want.

    Have a Wonderful Day
    From Roberta Anne --
    The Raggedy Girl


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