Friday, March 13, 2009

Taco Burrito McLoughlin (Baby-Naming Fun)

Just for fun around my house we’ve always liked to talk about having more kids.

Joel says, “I want twins!” Judging from this photo, he wants ASIAN twins. Not sure I can accommodate since my husband is Whitey McWhiterson. The day I went for my pee test at the doc’s office, Callie says, “Mommy, you have a boy baby AND a girl baby in your belly.” I said, “Shut your mouth, child.”

To Joel I say, “Bite your tongue, Boy. That would do me in for sure. One at a time, please. TWINS are not on my Vision Board.”

I don’t really have a Vision Board. (Piece of advice for the single ladies: on your first date, don’t tell a man his picture is on your Vision Board … that’s a little creepy.)

Callie wants a big sister. But not little brothers because they will be mean to her. She likes the names I threw out that are Aron-approved: Reuben or Levi for a boy and Olivia for a girl. Except Aron keeps changing his mind.

I like Taco Burrito for a boy and Salsa Nacho for a girl. I love my Mexican food; what can I say? My grandma had 2 sisters: Eva and Juanita. I ate so much Mexican food when I was pregnant with Eva that my grandma said maybe I should name her Juanita if she was a girl. She is a wise woman.

Alright, all you people who like to suggest baby names, here are your guidelines: the first name can’t start with the same letter as any of my existing children (Joel, Michael, Callie or Eva) or A or K. The first and middle names combined need to be 11 letters. And it has to sound good with McLoughlin. And no Irish jokes. Okay, I like Irish jokes.


  1. I like Siobhan \sio(b)-han\ is pronounced sha-VAHN. It is of Irish origin. Variant of Joan, which is a feminine form of John (Hebrew) "the Lord is gracious". Phonetic forms of this name are a blend of the Sha- prefix with Yvonne. Actress Siobhan McKenna.

    Siobhan has 20 variant forms: Chavonne, Chevonne, Chivon, Chyvonne, Shavaun, Shavon, Shavonne, Shervan, Shevon, Shevonne, Shirvaun, Shivahn, Shivaun, Shovonne, Shyvonne, Sh'vonne, Sioban, Siobahn, Siobhian and Syvonne.

    Of course she will be in 6th grade before she could spell her name right.

    Roberta Anne

  2. man, you're picky!

    I can never name other peoples' babies, only my own, and just barely at that.

    Vision boards...ah, from another time, in another world, when we had time for that shit, to sit around for hours and flip through magazines to find images and words that define "us" as people.

  3. Hee Hee I can just imagine you at the back door Calling Taco Salsa Get in here :P

  4. Is that child pulling a Mylie Cyrus!?

  5. Joseph informed me he was sad because he really wanted Georgie to be twins. I informed him that God only gave us one baby and he said, "But I realllly wanted two babies!"

    Please keep in mind Georgie is 4.5 months old and between him and my daughter rubbing lotion on my belly "for the baby" (thanks for the ego slam kid!), I am SLIGHTLY freaked out!



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