Thursday, March 12, 2009

Family Bumper Stickers

I found these deadly bumper stickers (or car window stickers) at Michael’s for $1.99 per pack. There were only 3 options for each dad (golfer, sports coach or briefcase-toting guy) and mom (yoga chick, sports coach or briefcase-toting chick), so I picked these 2 and later took them back. Who cares if Mom and Dad are on the back of the van, anyway? I’m wondering where the other options are, though, like Writer Mom or Crazy-Frazzled Homeschooling Stay-at-Home Mom. And Aron’s should be more like Woodworking, Lawn-Mowing Dad or – better yet – FISHING DAD!

These 2 are the boys (dirty boy Joel who makes messes and regular boy Michael):

These are the girls (princess Callie and baby Eva with leftover baby boy for later):

Here’s the chemical warning that totally freaked me out:

So this is KNOWN to the State of California to cause birth defects? Why is the rest of the country so stupid, then? Why is this product being sold? Why did I put these stickers on the back of my van? You bet your sweet butt I washed my hands pretty good after applying them!


  1. Kerrie:

    What a funny post but sadly why isn't there more that reflect true life. We would need Totally Tired Great-Grandma and Still Working Great-Grandpa and t00heir two 90 pound, furry couch potatoes along with the many visiting children, grand children and great grandchildren and their spouses and animals...would I even be able to see out the window???

    Have a Terrific Thursday
    from A Raggedy Roberta Anne

  2. First of all...I bet you there is sooo many products out there like this one...causing birth defects. They think that because they "warn" are ok. Who on earth would think bumper sticks would do this???

    Now, with that said, I want a one where the mom is pulled into 250 directions with kids all over her and she is still in her bathrobe while doing everything ...did I mention the kids having to be hanging on her...LOL

  3. Have you noticed though that the state of California deems nearly everything as hazardous to your health, known to cause cancer...don't believe me look at almost any label on products.

    If we limited everything they deemed "hazardous" we'd be living in caves...well, maybe not the mildew will be a health hazard. Want food to eat? You can't cook with any heat because all heat sources are known carcinogens. Can't drink the water all our streams are poluted, bottled is in plastic another carcinogen...dang guess that leaves alcohol it ought to kill anything living in it...nope can't do that either another carcinogen.

    Ok, off my soap box now :)

  4. i want those stickers but cant find a set that has a bunny and siz cats two girls and a baby boy me, and my husband

  5. California?do youfornia? live in cali

  6. i live in cali...maybe if humans wanted less, they wouldn't be so worried about dis-eases that often come with manufactured goods...there's something to be said for keeping closer contact with nature and being satisfied with what is here already instead of always wanting more in some ego-driven way to "improve" the quality of life...why must they ALWAYS look outward for happiness, contentment, peace, joy? their TRUE nature is comprised of those things already...there is no need to look elsewhere than deep within...

  7. If your car gets cancer, I'm sure you can still sue because the car didn't give informed consent. I think 1.99 is a great price for these, because I was looking into having one made online and each person was around $5 or something. By the time I added my dog it ended up being a $40 sticker.


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