Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Twin Connection

A couple of weeks ago I asked Aron (below, left) if he felt seasick. He told me no and asked why. I said, “Because your twin brother is on a cruise right now, and aren’t twins supposed to be cosmically connected?” He called me an idiot, and rightly so.

Did you know identical twins have the same DNA? So you could do a paternity test and not know which twin was the father of a kid. Freaky. But their fingerprints are different.

Aron and Eric have taken the Switching Identities thing a little farther than just pulling one over on girlfriends and teachers.

A couple of years ago Aron had to travel to Canada a lot for work. Every damn time he tried to get into the country he got detained because his brother had impersonated him once, which is a federal crime. They’d pull Aron out of the Customs line and take him into a room and ask him questions.

Fraternal twins MAY have some hereditary deal on the side of the mother (whew, I’m safe), but identical twins MAY BE an anomaly (or “freak of nature,” as I like to call my husband). Age has a lot to do with ending up with fraternal twins, and this article says sometimes if the guy is a twin you may end up with twins. Oh, crap.

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  1. I remember the switching identities stuff they would pull when we were kids! When we were younger I swear they were impossible to tell apart!!


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