Saturday, January 31, 2009

When Do You Stop (or Start) Having Kids?

I have to copycat FishMama over at on this one since it seemed to be one of her biggest comment-getters.

It’s no secret that I’m a Kid Freak. I’ve always wanted a big family. It doesn’t hurt that I have relatively easy pregnancies and deliveries and that I get pregnant just by Aron giving me a certain look (yes, THAT’S how babies are made … now you know). It’s such a personal decision for every person.

I hear a lot of women say they decided their family was complete after they had an especially difficult pregnancy or delivery. Some weren’t so fond of babies or kids in the first place, so one kid is all they can handle. Some have 10 and would happily welcome another.

If you are done having kids, how did you decide to stop (or was it decided for you)?

If you aren’t done, how come?

If you don’t have kids yet (and want one), when do you think is the ideal time to start a family?