Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Something is Wrong in My House When …

… kids come over just because they want junk food (I used to be famous that way), and freak out when I tell them I don’t really have any around (can anyone say “fat-free, sugar-free instant pudding” three times really fast?)

… when a big ole cup of Crystal Lite Raspberry Lemonade on ice does the trick for me as well as an amaretto sour used to.

… I’m not hitting some sort of Mexican joint (or quasi-Mexican joint, such as Taco Bueno) weekly.

… instead of pigging in tons of shrimp on SuperBowl Sunday, I COUNTED how many I could have and stuck with it.

… I have the energy to do a little housework.

How would people know something was wrong with YOU (e.g., you’d start doing Yoga, you’d actually get a job, whatever)??? Leave me a comment!


  1. Something is seriously wrong with me when:
    I cook a Thanksgiving / Christmas meal.
    I dust.
    I don't complain when cleaning the bath tub.
    I refuse any kind of chocolate.

  2. Something is wrong with me when:
    I tell my daughter she can't bake for awhile cause I am too tempted.
    I tell everyone not to get me chocolate for Valentine's Day.

  3. I'd come home on time.


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