Thursday, February 26, 2009

Poor Sarah Palin

Some of you may be Sarah Palin fans (I’m on the fence because I don’t know enough about her, except for the YouTube video I watched of her giving an interview right before Thanksgiving about the pardoning of the turkey while some guy was BEHEADING turkeys RIGHT behind her!!!).

But for those of you who think she’s dippy, let me just defend her for a minute.

My only argument is that she GAVE BIRTH in 2008, right before being nominated as the Republican VP. I don’t know about you, Ladies, but I am downright STOOPID for about a year after having a baby. I expect it will be the same come October this year. I can’t even run my HOUSE; how could I run a COUNTRY in this state of mind?

I was actually Sarah Palin for Halloween last year. Just kidding. I was just too lazy and ear-infected to dress up, so I stayed in my Overweight Housewife garb (Capri pants because the weather was warm and a T-shirt), put my hair up, kept my glasses on and … VOILA!


  1. Had me going there with that shot for a second!! :-) Thanks for supporting me during my wild run thru the blogosphere. Sorry to catch ya late. Apparently, my laptop was not too thrilled with my little bloggity joggity. She's feeling better now and I am ready to roll! :-)

  2. You're a picture-a-holic. But I love you anyways. I'm digging the "costume" there Kerrie. It's just totally wicked!

  3. Funny post! Can I use that excuse for 4 years? lol


  4. What's Sarah Palin doing with my baby Eva? Where did you get this picture? And what's she doing all dolled up?


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