Tuesday, February 17, 2009

High School Graduation from Shawnee Mission North

This was taken in my backyard in May of 1989 right before graduation. I was quite a bit blonder then (anyone remember evil Sun-In?) and loved my blue and black eyeliner for sure. And the curling iron. And the hairspray.

By graduation I had alienated all my friends for some reason, which I do from time to time still (could it be an Only Child/Loner thing?). Instead of going to great parties and staying out all night (the ONLY night I had ever been allowed to do so), I believe I just drove around with a few friends HUNTING for parties, dancing near the railroad tracks off Merriam Lane and got home around 1 or 2. I was not drunk in the least. I was a pretty good kid until I hit 18, which was about a month away from graduation.

What were my big plans for the future? JuCo (Johnson County Community College) for a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. It seemed logical since I loved working in restaurants. Good thing my parents were never College Dictators because I dropped out many times and took 10 YEARS (I was 28) to get my 2-year degree.

I know a lot of women who are going back to school now that they have little kids. I would rather have a root canal, seriously. I prefer the School of Life, and my writing career is taking off a little at a time, despite my lack of education and my plethora (look it up) of mistakes (I have a whole blog devoted to those!).

Sidenote on my husband: He went to college (DeVry) when he was 25, graduated at 28 and paid for it himself … $30,000 in loans, my friends. I’m sorta proud of the guy.

How about you? Are you eju-muh-kated? How did you like college? Do you want your kids to go or you think they won’t be successful in life? If so, who’s buying?


  1. This is funny but my dad used to live off of Merriam Ln and still owns that house and rents it. AND I went and dropped out of JuCo too! I unlike you never went back. I have been working at the same small radio station in Ottawa since I was 15 and now I'm just about 27 so yeah I will encourage my son to do whatever he wants as long as the decision he makes he has ambition for.

  2. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism. It took me five years to get it. I went straight out of high school. I'm one of the lucky ones who had parents able to pay for my education. My dad never wanted us to graduate in debt already. I will be forever grateful for that. My son already has a pre-paid college plan. We're keeping our fingers crossed for scholarships too. ;-)

  3. I went to KU right after h.s. and got my degree in occupational therapy with a minor in psychology (you'll never know how much I use that with all my wacky patients!). Mom & dad agreed to help fund 4 years but I had to pay around $2000 each year myself for those 4, the last 2 were on my own so I took out student loans. As for my kids we started college funds the month they were born and put away $ each month. We've told them we expect them to continue their education post high school somewhere but they can choose that as long as it's KU (ha!) we'll only fork out the amount that it would cost for in-state tuition and if they want to go to an non state school they'd better have scholarships or student loans.

  4. Dammit! you trumped me again. I only went five years for my 2 year degree.

    We are such driven, motivated people.

    Oh--and for the record, I think you have aged beautifully.

  5. I have a degree in Elementary Education and Sociology (I don't recommend the Sociology its very depressing stuff) I was in the Military for 10 years before I went to college. So Yes I want my kids to go to college but if they don't that won't make them a failure.

  6. I played at college and have a lot of credits but in so many different things that none add up to anything. I never wanted to be anything but a homemaker but ended up running a multi-million dollar corporation until I woke up and went home where I have found my bliss. Good post!

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