Monday, February 16, 2009

"Flipping the Weight Loss Switch" Monday Part 2 (Exercise)

God help me, I’ve actually lost weight (my stats are hidden somewhere on this blog page). When I’m stressed out these days I don’t eat a bag of Dove chocolates. Instead I pork in half a box of sugar-free, fat-free instant pudding with a trough of light whipped cream. I don’t know how many baby Doves are in a bag, but they are 1 point each on the Weight Watchers plan and I only get to eat 25 points each day … a bag has to be about 35, whereas my pudding indulgence is about 5 points.

Still, WW does allow those 35 “flex” points, which I call “cheater points” … meaning you can save them and lose some weight or you can eat 35 points of healthy OR naughty and still be eating within your points.

This is the part where my dad is saying, “I don’t really like the taste of points. I prefer to eat food.” Moo-ving on …

I just wanted to share with you that even watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and having an ex come to town recently only made me eat MORE. How messed up is THAT? I feel like I have a food addiction and need to go to some 12-step program.

I’m tired of being asked if I’m pregnant when I’m not*. I’m turning in my amaretto sours for WW Amaretto Cheesecake 1 point yogurt.

I’m going to kick fat’s ass. Sooo …

How do you prioritize exercise when you have so many other things going on in your life? I’m not going to use my kids or homeschooling or my husband’s travel as an excuse anymore. I don’t need my husband in town or a babysitter to be able to MOVE MY BUTT enough to burn a few calories. I can homeschool and be a writer AND find time to move, even in the winter.

Except it’s hard to do an aerobics tape (oh, how I used to love WATCHING aerobics tapes while eating cheeseburgers and fries) with a 26-pound baby pulling up on your legs. And I have GOT to remember to ASK for Treadmill Time from Aron … I need him to watch the kids so the baby doesn’t wander into the room and get her fingers stuck in the machinery. This is the part where my mom recommends a playpen, but I think it’s a little late for that … the baby would just stand there looking at me and crying, and that’s no fun for a wimp like me. Besides, I like to pretend I’m a runway model-in-training when I’m walking, and a baby kind of cramps my style (unless I pretend I’m Heidi Klum).

So how do YOU carve out time to exercise or are you content with your Mommy Body just the way it is (and think I’m being ridiculous because appearance doesn’t matter anyway)? Unless you’re a guy reading this, in which case I sure hope you do not have a Mommy Body (muffin top, moobies, etc.).

Come back next Monday, when we’ll discuss Food Dictators.

*Of course, now I AM pregnant, and that is not an excuse to eat poorly and not exercise. And I do consider morning/evening sickness puking to be a form of exercise. Good for the stomach muscles.