Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, Callie!

Today Callie turns 4. The day she was born I rode to the hospital in an ambulance after having a lovely nap with my boys in the late afternoon. I’ll spare you the gory details about why I had to go in an ambulance. Anyway, she turned out to be my easiest and fastest birth. And there’s a reason for that. The picture below about sums up my daughter half the time:

We call that her “bully” pose. If she went to regular school, she’d be a Mean Girl cheerleader homecoming queen class president kind of chick. We have our struggles … she’s a lot different than raising the boys. I’m not sure if it’s because she’s a girl, because of her age or because she thinks she’s 25.

I could kill this woman at church who told Callie, “You’re the boss.” Callie pulls that on me all the time now: “That woman at church said I’M the boss.” Strangers: be quiet!

This kid can throw one hell of a fit. She completely melts down when things don’t go her way, and she spends some time in her room to cool down. Thankfully, it happens less the older she gets.

The rest of the time she’s the sweetest thing ever. She paints my nails, does my makeup, sits through ANY movie with me (we saw Bride Wars recently), helps with the baby, helps me cook, yells at the boys for me when they get too rowdy. She is smart and witty and funny and adorable. I can’t wait to see what she grows up to be … I’m thinking good career choices would be Parole Officer or Actress.

I love you, Callie Grace, and I always will.


  1. Happy Birthday!!!!

    I swear you are describing my Sassy! When talking about her the other day I told someone that she is just like I was as a child-strong willed, opinionated, and all about her! She is so sweet though! I must admit that she is my most difficult child to raise but I know that she will do good things as an adult-even with her disability!

    Ok, so now you HAVE to tell us what led to an ambulance ride, BTW!! LOL


  2. MWAH, Miss Callie. Happy Birthday! I so hope we can come to your party today.

    That's an awesome picture, Ker.

  3. awww sweet. I think some of the qualities that make the most difficult kids make the best adults, so have fun with her! Happy Birthday, Callie

  4. Happy Birthday, Miss Queen for the Day!! (or most days, I should say!) Have a fabulous time, everyone, hi to Dad, Dave and Tutu, and the boys!

  5. What a precious post. I have one that is almost two and seems to be gearing up for Diva status. Well...
    Callie...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    ❤ Roberta Anne

  6. when i woke from the nap i went to pee and had a huge blood clot plop into the toilet (like a baseball). i fished it out with a slotted spoon and put it in a cup just in case. i was pretty calm, called my genius friend, then 911. then called my man's cell phone, which rang NEXT TO ME!! haha! ambulance came fast. i left my boys, who i NEVER leave (joel was still sleeping and won't let it go that i didn't wake him up) in an ambulance, with a friend here to watch them til my mom arrived. i left the house without my bag, without my PANTS or underwear, only a towel between my legs. the ride to the hospital was slow for some reason, and when i got there everyone was talking c-section. the sonogram showed all was fine ... the doc said, "hmm, maybe it was just AGGRESSIVE bloody show." huh?! no c-section! weird thing was I was calm on the way to the hospital, etc. and KNEW it would be okay (prayer!)

  7. Happy Birthday to the birthday girl! Hope she has a great day.

  8. Happy Birthday Callie!
    love, Julie, Tim and Caleb

  9. She sounds like she knows what she likes, when she likes it! Birthday wishes from downunder :)

  10. Happy Birthday sweet Callie! Hey Kerrie, I nominated you for an ward. Stop by my blog for the details!


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