Sunday, February 8, 2009

Goin’ for a Basketball Team

So I’ve joined Weight Watchers and am losing weight AND my first post in my blog series “Weight Loss Mondays” is showing up tomorrow. And my house is relatively picked up most of the time. And my brain is working. And I’m writing. And I’m spending more time playing with and chasing around the kids. And Eva is walking. And homeschooling is going great, including field trips.

And … I’m having me a baby in October. Around October 9, to be exact.

And we’re all jumping-up-and-down excited. We’re tired, busy, and HAPPY.

Bring on the pukes, the exhaustion, the 25-pound weight gain. I can handle it. I’m still weighing in on Thursday night and no, I’m not PREGOREXIC. I’m just trying to keep eating well and don’t want to use pregnancy as an excuse to grab 10 bags of ½ price Dove chocolate hearts on February 15th. Don’t worry … Thursday is my last weigh-in. I think they boot you out of WW for being pregnant. Who can blame them?

What drives me nuts is people who look at me like I’ve grown another head when I say we’re having our 5th child. I would never call someone lazy or selfish for only having 1 or 2 kids, so why is it acceptable to judge ME?

We’re not on government assistance, don’t beat our kids, don’t drink/smoke/do drugs. We love our kids with all our being. We plan them and want them. We’re not asking anyone else to raise our kids. We spend time with them. We know where they are at all times. They eat well. They sleep well. They're healthy. They have everything they need. I realize this roller coaster ride isn’t for everyone, but I think we’re doing an okay job so far. Oh, and forget about the “carbon footprint” argument because I breastfeed, cloth diaper and recycle.

I borrowed this from someone and can’t remember who (the pregnancy idiocy has already set in), but why is that we apply for a CURSE (like credit card debt) and REJECT a blessing (via abortion, “selective reduction”, etc.)????

For those of you struggling with getting pregnant, I am sending you all my good fertility vibes. I wish the best for you. Children are truly a blessing. A grubby, crazy, loud, challenging, fun blessing.