Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Can't Stand Goodie Bags

Do you ever feel bad when you spent less on the birthday party kid’s gift than the kid’s parents spent on goodie bags for YOUR kids?

I would love to hear your answers, and here is mine:


I’m not a fan of the Goodie Bag at birthday parties. For those of you who have been living under a rock, the goodie bag is a bag of fun little crap given to birthday party attendees at the end of the party. Hmmmm, and I thought cake and ice cream were PLENTY of goodies!

Look, most kids have way more toys and little junk than they could ever use. Multiply that by 4 (edited October 2011 to read FIVE) at my house and you have a real runaway mess on your hands.

For the record, I also hate those little gifts they give out at weddings, too. Our wedding "favors" were crayons that were left on the paper tablecloths for coloring. No joke. We are a classy bunch, for sure.


  1. I do not like goodie bags either! I find the junk in them for weeks after a party-the things break and are forgotten about until Mom is cleaning! We don't have "friend" parties for the kids and do not give out bags to cousins and close family friends, I agree that cake and ice cream are a treat!

    I love the crayon and paper tablecloth idea! Fun at the party! We did have favors at our wedding (a wedding that was WAYYYYYY 90s!!!!) and it was Jelly Belly jellybeans-YUM!


  2. I don't get them either. For one, we never got them! We were happy. Right?
    Second, what a waste of money on something that will be thrown away in a few hours.
    Cake & ice creak IS the way to go.

  3. All that is wrong in our country today can be pin pointed right back to EXCESS. We are a people who have lost our way and you are so right. We all spend too much and have too much. I am trying, as a Christian, to find my way back to the world my Mom lived in. She had stuff... but she didn't have everything.
    Roberta Anne

  4. I'm so glad you don't give goody bags, because if you did, I don't think we could come to your parties. Seriously, I think a large part of the control freak in me is going to pick that battle--letting the kids only be friends with people who respect the less-clutter phenomenon (not to mention the wasted money!) like we do.

    Here's to screwing up our kids with our grumpiness and stinginess. HA!

  5. I used to pass out goodie bags at my kids' parties but that was when I had money and did not live in the expensive state of California. I don't think it matters if you pass them out or not.

  6. Hate them, waste of money for junky crud that will only clutter my floor & make the kids whine when they can't find it.

  7. I do sometimes feel bad when my kids go to this really cool party, goody bag and all and I know that the parents spent more on my kid than I did on theirs. But it still doesn't make me spend more money on "friend" b-day presents!

    Also, even though I hate the junk, I still do the goodie bag when my kids have a party. BUT, my kids don't get friend b-days every year. Only occasionally, on specific b-days. Otherwise, it's a family party, and no goodie bag!

  8. I don't like the goody bags, either. A bunch of choking hazards, wrapped up nicely - that's what I see them as. Either that, or now it's turned into candy convulsions from my 4year old. He just *has* to have everything now - and mom won't play his game! The battle continues.... :)


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