Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Eva Has a Boyfriend

This is Eva’s boyfriend:

This kid’s mom and I hope they get married … she supplied the fries, which is why I love her. Don’t worry, the floor was recently vacuumed, so eating fries off the floor was almost safe that day.

I took a video of them that day, but I’m a technotard (love that word, Ellen!) and can’t figure out how to post it. Basically I say to the kids, “Your mommmies would be so happy if you got married!” And Eva falls to the floor with a big smile on her face and her boyfriend starts shaking his head YES!


  1. Too too sweet. I used to throw Cheerios on the floor like a treasure hunt.
    Roberta Anne

  2. "technotard"...hahaha, that's great. My buddy has a 7 yr. old girl and a 5 yr. old boy who just LOVE playing the, of course he calls them "Wiitards."

  3. That is funny! Arranged marriage must be making a comeback.


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