Monday, February 9, 2009

"Flipping the Weight Loss Switch" Monday Part 1

(This starts the first of many Weight Loss Mondays, and keep in mind I wrote this stuff and posted it before the little stick turned blue!)

It’s no secret that I’ve put on 5 pounds for each of my kids, for a grand total of 20-(ish) pounds. I weigh 150 when I should weigh about 120. Someone who weighs 200 or 300 pounds probably wants to throw a shoe at my head right now and say, “Shut up! You are fine!”

And most of the time it isn’t a big deal to me. Anyone who loves me doesn’t care that I’m carrying a little extra weight. I’m healthy and don’t have any limitations as far as hiking, running, taking care of my kids. I kindof enjoy being like a snuggly pillow for my kids.

I admit it would be nice to wear something other than sweatpants and a long drawstring skirt. It would be nice to have a little more stamina. It would be nice to not have to worry that I’m giving myself diabetes with all the chocolate I eat. To not give in to my cravings for Taco Bueno’s tacos and cheesecake chimis. To shop at the vintage clothing store.

But how do you flip that weight loss switch? The one that makes you REALLY want to lose weight this time? Not because you have a reunion coming up, not because your husband has left you for a slimmer woman, not because you have to fit into a wedding dress or look good in a swimsuit, not because you want to be in tip-top shape to get pregnant, but because YOU know you have to do it for yourself?

How do you get that excited feeling (akin to when you are falling in love) that makes you want to change your life?

For the next several Mondays, I’m going to attempt to flip your weight loss switch (and mine, since I joined Weight Watchers again). Yes, it sounds kinky, but I promise you it's nothing but healthy.