Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Week Revisited … Wednesday

Christmas Eve.

Round 3 of gift wrapping. So they wouldn’t get suspicious, I told the kids Mommy was going crazy and needed some time alone in Daddy’s workshop.

Went to noradsanta.org to start tracking Santa’s route across the world.

8 p.m. Christmas Eve Mass. Tresa asked me if we go to Midnight Mass. I asked her if she was off her meds (just kidding; Tresa is not medicated except for those natural stress-relief tabs). My saint of a mother-in-law may have dragged 5 kids to MM every year, but we are NOT the same caliber of woman. Besides, Midnight Mass at my church is in SPANISH. Not Latin, friends, but Spanish. I love me some Spanish, but not THAT much.

Once we got home, we tracked Santa some more on NORAD’s site until he was in Florida, then the kids freaked out and hurried to put out cookies, milk and notes for Santa. Then they raced to brush their teeth and get into bed. Aron read to them until they fell asleep while I knocked out the girls, then made sure he knew where all the gifts were located so he could put them under the tree.


  1. Hey! Where's Cafe Mom and all those funny thought bubbles???

  2. well, i kind of figured they'd be boring to most anyone else. i'll announce any possible pregnancies in the blog next time!!!!!! if you're dying for them, i'll put them back!

  3. felix navy dad, toots. and I think you should know all the dance steps by now, little one. d


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