Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Week Revisited … Day Four (Christmas!)

Christmas carnage: The aftermath of Christmas, which includes wrapping paper, bows, ribbon, hard plastic, soft plastic bags, wires, tape, cardboard boxes and toys strewn about the house.

Christmas caucus: When Aron and I get together FINALLY to discuss “the plan” for Christmas, e.g., how much to spend, how many gifts each kid gets, how much we will spend on each other (he ALWAYS goes over), what I’ll make for breakfast, what he’ll make for dinner and how many more kids we can handle before going crazy.

I am telling you there is nothing like a day spent taking 200 pictures to make you wanna scrapbook!

Today Mom and Dave came over for breakfast and to do Christmas at our house. We don’t do the “free-for-all” opening of the gifts ceremony; we all take turns nice and slow. Too slow, some might say, but who cares about them (sorry,Dave!)?

We started with stockings, then breakfast, then presents.

Eva got her hands on a chocolate bar:

I got my hands on a European facial and scalp massage (read: time away to relax for real!):

Michael made sure all his baby pandas slept with their Mommy:

And a nice reindeer family photo (headbands courtesy of Mom):

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