Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How to Be An Amazing Father

Why wait for Father’s Day to express my love for my dad? Besides, I did a post for my mom a while back, and methinks Dad is wondering where HIS is!!! Well, Dad, as you would say … here she be! (there are some great You Tube videos in here for your enjoyment, especially for my older more mature demographic. Just click on the different-colored words.)

My dad used to let me listen to his Ventures records in my room when I was a kid and dance like a freak. Walk, don’t run! I think I’m reincarnated from the 60s.

One weekend day, I was very bored. Instead of yelling at me to find something to do or assigning a chore (like I do with my kids), he shocked me by taking me to Toy City and letting me get a few things. All I remember is getting one of those orange worm-on-a-string things that you attached to a button to make it seem like it was moving on its own.

He used to take me to Bitterman’s Candy Store in the summer and let me pick out a bunch of unique stuff. Their slogan was : Have a Sweet Day. This is probably why I’m the Sugar Mama today.

He used to take me out of school once a year to go Christmas shopping and see a movie. Once I was in high school, the Administration didn’t want to let him take me out for no good reason, but he gave them hell and did it anyway. I remember seeing Adventures in Babysitting.

He played Beatles music all the time (and lots of other music, too), which turned me into a major fan. We even went together to see Paul McCartney play in Kansas City back in 1993.

He was usually home from work when I got home from school (he was a mailman and went to work early), which headed off a LOT of problems on my end when I was in junior high and high school.

We used to watch Dance Party USA and make fun of everyone.

Sometimes he’d put up a tent and we’d camp out in the backyard. I’m sure he wanted a son to take camping for real, but he never said that.

He is funny. Just check out some of his comments from back when I started the blog.

He took me fishing once. I’ll never forget it, even though fishing isn’t quite my thing.

He once won a radio contest and got to run around a record store collecting as many records as he could in a short amount of time. He got me a Charlie Daniels Band record.

He’s an amazing grandpa. After only having one kid, you’d think it would be hard for him to adjust to so many grandkids, but it is not so. Joel loves the spend the night with “Poppy” (Michael did once, too). The boys adore him, Callie has him wrapped around his little finger (he’s one of the only people who can handle my bittersweet daughter), and even Eva (Mama’s girl) will sit on his lap and get tickly kisses.

I love you, Dad. From Snookums. Oh, and thanks for teaching me to appreciate the song “Feliz Navidad” … dancing around the room singing it has become a highlight in my own home!


  1. Kerrie - what a sweet blog! So funny having you mention about your Dad winning that contest. I so remember that and may even have some pictures around the house of him running around picking up records. I remember we went early so he could scope out what he wanted and put those up front to grab as he ran around . . . HA!! Fun memories!!

  2. Wow, you look a lot like your dad!

    I love your dad, now, too. Nice piece.

  3. Snook, you'll always be my little girl, as long as we are both alive. You'll see, if you haven't already, with your own kids, it's just the way it is. It has never even crossed my mind about wishing I had a son. A thousand sons could never take your place, you have brought more joy to my life than anyone could have ever hoped for, and I thank you for that. My own flesh and blood, my beautiful daughter, I will always treasure our bond. I love you and I always will, unconditionally.
    PS thanks for the cookies!


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