Saturday, December 6, 2008

Eva Turns One

My baby (and 4th child) is one today. It’s interesting how differently you treat a first birthday from kid to kid.

I still sent in her picture to the local news station so they’d show it on the First Birthdays thing they do, where they roll pictures and play a strange version of “You Say It’s Your Birthday.”

We are still having a party, we just aren’t inviting the whole world (that would scare the crap out of her anyway).

We are still giving her a fun gift. We just aren’t letting anyone else give her anything since we have a whole toy store contained in our house. We have made it clear that her savings account will always accept donations.

No, she’s not walking yet, and I’m happy. She has 3 teeth. She is always happy.

Happy Birthday, Eva Peeva. We love you!


  1. Happy birthday Eva! She is adorable. I hope she had a great first birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday Eva!! What a punkin she is!!

  3. Happy Birthday!!
    I also see the difference in how we treat the first birthday after a few kids. For our first, I was working and took the day off of work-we went out for professional pictures, lunch with a friend, out to dinner with Daddy, tons of gifts, the whole nine yards! Then the next day we had a huge party with all of our friends and family-what were we thinking!

    When the twins turned one we were all sick-no party, we rescheduled and were sick again-they never had a party! Family dropped gifts off and we had the grandparents over for cake even though we were all sick.

    When Little Guy turned one we had a nice party in my parents backyard-family only! We asked mostly for clothing as he had a ton of toys already and NEEDED clothes!

    The time of year makes a difference too-the twins birthday is in 10 days and being so close to Christmas I feel that they get jipped-this year we are trying to make up for it a bit and do somthing fun! Hey, six is a big birthday!!! Little Guy's birthday is July 3rd and this year he never got a party with family -just us six as everyone had plans and could not make it-no big deal! We said the heck with a party and had a picnic at the zoo! More fun anyway!

    Sorry for the ramble!

  4. She's beauuuuuutiful :D Sorry we missed her party--wouldn't have been able to come if circumstances were different with T's schedule, spent the day catching barfs (and a good part of the night, what AM I doing writing before coffee??)

  5. What a cutie. Happy Birthday to your baby girl! Accepting donations to her savings account is a great idea!


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