Friday, December 5, 2008

My Bumper Stickers

Aron got me this as a surprise. It’s kinda weird having all of our names on the back of our van. I’ve already warned the kids not to turn around if someone says their name when we’re out in public. We clearly have needed a new one for about a year. I keep putting Eva on in Sharpie when she fades, but it’s time for those white stick-figure people for the back of the van, methinks.

Got this at the Unity Bookstore this summer. My dad raised me to appreciate all things Beatles and John Lennon. I especially love his Christmas song. These lyrics are from “Imagine” in case you’ve been living under a rock or were born in the 80s.

Aron also got me this one and he has one, too. He found it while surfing the Internet (for what, don’t ask) and also got me a rhinestone T-shirt that says the same thing. I enjoy looking in my rearview mirror to see reactions. Usually I catch people pointing and laughing, but that could also be because I have a sticker with 4 kids and they think I’m nuts for procreating so much.

What do your bumper stickers say?

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  1. I have a rolodex-type file of bumpers stickers I'm getting when my husband kicks off. He doesn't like them and gives me crap for having the licesnse plate cover and front decorative license plate on my van. I tell him--we're already SO uncool, let's classify our uncoolness with catchy, snotty, or funny slogans on bumper stickers!

    I would first put up a "coexist" one, then one proclaiming women the more powerful sex, then one warning people that I'm a little crazy but usually friendly, and one about chocolate (which is what you're clearly missing on yours, my friend).


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